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Kasım 18, 2009

Wedding Photo Albums

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Most wedding photo albums present a “pictorial timeline” of the wedding and the reception. The collected still pictures from a wedding might fail to convey as much as the video of that same wedding. Still, a bride and groom seldom want to forego paying for the taking of still shots, the pictures that will go in the wedding photo album.

The pages of the album are called “inserts.” Not every insert is the same, because not every bride and groom desires the same sort of album. Some couples like to put their pictures in wedding photo albums that have a binding, a binding that resembles the binding of a library book. Couples with that preference need to purchase library inserts.

Other couples are less concerned about how any of their wedding albums might appear on the shelf. Other couples worry more about the possible need to repair any album photos. Repair of photos requires detachment of an insert from the album and demands the use of removable inserts.

Whether a library insert or a removable insert, every insert can become a new page in the appropriate wedding photo album. The inserts that contain the photos go between the front and back album covers. Between the cellophane panels of each insert, a newly married couple puts both photos and mats.

What are mats? Mats are holders for the pictures in each insert in wedding photo albums. Each album photo has two mats, one for the front of the photo and one for the back of that same photo. In assembling wedding albums, both an amateur and a professional photographer must realize this fact: The mat size for the front of a photo can be different from the mat size used on the back of the same photo.

Suppose, for example, that a couple wants to put inside one insert three pictures. Suppose they have two pictures that are each 3 inches wide and 4 inches long. Suppose they want to put those two pictures next to one picture that is 3 inches wide and 8 inches long. That couple will need to use two different types of mats. The front mat should have a “window” for each photo; the back mat should cover the entire insert page..

Attention to the above facts facilitates selection of the proper mats, and allows construction of beautiful wedding photo albums.


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